AnQi 桂枝堂


An (A to the power n, (An), means endless. Qi in Chinese means energy. Thus, AnQi means endless positive energy. We sincerely hope all the patients would feel full of positive energy with happiness after the consulatation and treatment at AnQi Acupuncture & Herbs.
Cynthia Han and George Chang are licensed acupuncturists
(L. Ac) who received their Master Degree in Acupuncture & Oriental Medicine at South Baylo University,  and  have obtained their Ph.D. degree in 2017.  
This clinic was opened on December 27, 2015. It was setup in a cozy environment with the style of simplicity and warmness that makes the coming patients feel like home with relaxed and comfortable mood. 
Traditional Chinese Medicie (TCM) includes acupuncture and other traditional remedies such as herbal supplements, cupping, tui-na, and moxibustion that are essential compliments to Western medicine. We are fluent in Mandarin and English, Our goal is to engage in more medical research on acupuncture and herbs, and bring effective TCM into the mainstream to benefit more patients.